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Corporate Headquarters

If you’ve ever visited our Willow Lake Corporate Campus and Nature Preserve in St. Paul, Minn., you may not have realized the significance of the beautiful natural surroundings of our nearly 300-acre site. We’re nestled amid a variety of natural communities that include prairie, forest and wetlands. More than 180 different animal species and 420 plant species make Willow Lake their home.

The Willow Lake site is  a testament to our philosophy that H.B. Fuller’s corporate facilities can exist in harmony with the surrounding natural site. The first piece of land was purchased in 1978 and since then, we have continually strived to protect and use Best Management Practices to enhance the natural integrity of this property that is now home to our Corporate Campus. The result is this remarkable site that today is held up as an example of cutting edge thinking in meshing corporate facilities with the surrounding natural area.

H.B. Fuller employees, their families and guests have the opportunity to enjoy and explore our Nature Preserve by hiking, canoeing, observing nature and participating in our natural resource enhancement and management projects. Employees lend a hand in the annual spring cleanup and the Buckthorn Pulling Brigade events we hold each year.

The site is not open to the general public; however specific audiences are hosted for environmental education programs each year.

We take pride in our efforts to enhance the quality and diversity of Willow Lake’s ecosystems. Tree, shrub and wildflower plantings and the addition of bluebird, owl and wood duck nest boxes are some examples of our site enhancements that have been made along the way.

If you have the opportunity to visit our Willow Lake Corporate Campus and Nature Preserve, we hope you’ll take some time to enjoy the natural beauty of our surroundings.