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Diversity Recruiting 

We are committed to creating a winning culture at H.B. Fuller, and we win through engaging a diverse workforce and customer base. Diversity and inclusion within our business and community impacts performance, motivation and success at work and beyond. To achieve our goals, we rely on our diverse employees who reflect the diverse consumers and markets that we serve.

Being a global company since 1959, we pride ourselves in the ability to respect and embrace accurate business approaches for success around different cultures.  

H.B. Fuller currently has employees present in over 40 countries around the world. Our recruiting strategies ensure we are bringing in talent from all backgrounds. We maintain relationships with a number of colleges, organizations and agencies that advance our diversity initiatives. Additionally, employees are required to abide by H.B. Fuller’s Code of Business Conduct, which requires a work environment that is free from unfair treatments and discriminations.

Our commitment is to continue creating an inclusive culture and embed diversity in all aspects of our business for our employees, clients and partners.


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